Thing 4 – Comments for Blogging Begins with Reading

Blog writing runs the gamot in style and format — from informal conversation to raising questions for critical thought to deeply insightful commentary.  The writing tends to be short and focused, with a specific viewpoint or idea to present for consideration and discussion.  The writing encourages continued interaction, communication, thoughts and idea generation.

Blog reading requires an open mind to new ideas and multiple perspectives, and a bit of patience to sift through comments.  Blog reading is more conversational in feel than standard text.

Comments to blogs provide dialogue and continued conversation for the reader, and editorial feedback for the writer to spark new ideas or edits to original writing.

Imagine turning on the faucet and nothing comes out @ Extreme Biology — provided a thoughtful lead-in for students to relate a current topic to their own experiences.

Why I don’t assign homework by dy/dan — whether you agree or disagree, the ideas provoke comment and thoughtful inquiry into the use of classroom and out-or-classroom time.

How to prevent another Leoardo da Vinci @ Wandering Ink –creativity is a mix of curosity, passion, drive, frustration, failure, viewing multiple perspectives and the persistence to continue.

Rationale for educational blogging @ EduBlog Insights — helped me think about how to create interactive spaces for both students work and professional development & collaboration with colleagues.

The Ripe Environment @ Discourse about Discourse

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